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About Us

We are a small business run only by our family (Husband and wife).  We have four children who enjoy playing sports and keep us very busy.  We aim to keep our prices low and our service outstanding.


What if it rains?

-- we don't set up if it is raining or if the chance of rain is greater than 50%. We understand that it can be frustrating if the forecast isn't good, but we have to rely on the info we have at hand to make our decisions.  If it starts to rain heavily during your event, deflate the unit and after the weather subsides, you can resume playing.

Does it need to be on grass?

--we prefer grass, but can set up on pavement if notified ahead of time. 


How long do we have it?


--rentals are for the day.  We drop off between 8am-12pm and pick up is between 6-8:30pm.   All units have to be in the trailers by 9pm.


How often do you clean the units?


--we clean each unit after every rental.   They are wiped down and vacuumed.  We typically use Lysol brand cleaners.


Why can't we pick it up?


--our insurance only covers us to do the delivery, set up and take downs.  

How far do you travel?

--because it is just the two of us and we have four kids that travel for sports, we stay within 30 minutes from home (Burnips MI).  We will travel farther for multiple units or a delivery fee.

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